Tired of your employees doing
just enough not to get fired?

Stressed about how to hire people who
actually fit their jobs and your company?

Struggling to get your employees to care
more about your customers and results?

Attracting, hiring, engaging and retaining the best talent isn't easy.

We can help. Learn More

We provide practical talent-based tools to take the complexity, time and cost out of attracting and retaining an A-level workforce. Our Fire Up! Your Organization Process shows you how to drive down hiring costs, increase hiring effectiveness, improve employee engagement, accelerate productivity, provide exceptional service and drive organizational performance.

Performance Workshops
We provide 5 results-focused, on-site performance workshops for management and employees in the four areas needed to Fire Up! Your Organization: Talent Acquisition, Engagement and Culture, Workplace Performance, Growth and Leadership.
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CEO Coaching
We are certified CEO and Workplace Greatness Coaches. Today's best C-level employees use coaching to achieve their goals, navigate around blocks and advance their organization's performance.
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We are experienced consultants with years of expertise in sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, strategy, talent acquisition, talent management and customer service/loyalty.
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The Fire Up! Process™

Imagine if all your employees were excited – fired up! – about what they do. Our Fire Up! Process™ is divided into six easy-to-learn modules, presented by expert instructors, to help all organizations become exceptional at attracting, sourcing, interviewing, hiring, engaging and retaining today’s best talent. This is one area you just have to be great at. The Fire Up! Process™ can help.

Click on each module to see the content, tools and delivery methods. Don’t hire another person until you check out this Process.

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5 Ways To Conduct A Better Job Interview

August 13, 2016

Here are 5 ways to significantly improve the quality of your employee interviews.

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When Employees Leave – Is It You or Is It Them?

April 10, 2016

Two situations came across my desk this week. One included a client of mine that has an employee who keeps finding every reason why not to take ownership of his work and to find fault with others. This employee needs to go. The second involved a friend of mine, a great employee, who wants to […]

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